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The greatest Indian epic, The Mahabharata, translated by Ramesh Menon is the tale of life - it's intrigues, its joys, its sorrows and about the elusive truth. First composed in verse, coming down the centuries through the ancient oral tradition, the epic has deeply influenced the history, culture, and arts of the subcontinent, as well as most of South-East Asia. The Mahabharata tells of a great war and the events that lead up-to it. The battlefield of Kurukshetra and the eventual victory of one of the warring factions leads to the end of a Yuga and a new world order comes into existence. The epic is a treasure trove of human feelings and anguish while at the heart of it lies the Song of God, the Bhagavad Gita. At one level, all the restless action of the epic is a quest for the Gita and its sacred stillness. The Gita remains the holiest of all Hindu texts while The Mahabharata continues to enamour readers and scholars all over the world. This new rendering retells the Mahabharata to the contemporary reader in lyrical, modern prose. Without being too short or forbiddingly long, it brings alive all the epic's excitement, magic and grandeur to our times. Published in two Volumes the Book has 821 Pages in Volume.1 and 718 Pages in Vol.2, totaling 1539 Pages

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