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The Ashram teaches daily practice of all aspects of yoga to achieve improved health, emotional well-being, mental clarity, unconditional compassion for others, and joy of living. Our programs include classes and workshops for everyone to learn and practice yoga in its entirety. Programs go beyond the physical exercises commonly practiced today, and integrate all aspects of yoga to unite the body, mind and soul.

  • Hatha yoga classes

  • Children's classes

  • Group meditation

  • Pranayam & Scriptures workshops

  • Teaching of kriyas (cleansings)

  • Weekly Satsang

  • Weekly  Yoga philosophy class

  • Havan and prayer ceremonies

  • Kirtan and chanting programs

  • Personal spiritual consultations

  • Celebration of all major Hindu religious festivals

  • Ceremonies for birthdays, anniversaries, naam-karan, weddings, etc.

  • Offsite teachings and demonstrations at libraries, community centers, temples, etc.

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