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Uddhava Gita

Bhagavad Gita is known as ‘Song of the God’ whereas, Uddhava Gita is known as farewell message of Krishna, a parting discourse, and is meant for those who have advanced knowledge of Vedanta.

Uddhava Gita is the message or speech given by Lord Krishna to his friend and devotee Uddhava before his departure from the earth to console him from his sadness and explaining why the "Yadu" race or Yadava community should fall; the Bhagavad Gita is a clarion call for action and for performing one’s own duties.

In Bhagavad Gita SriKrishna explains to Arjuna his duties as a warrior and prince and elaborates on different Yogic and Vedantic philosophies, whereas in Uddhava Gita Krishna explains about, spirituality, religion, code of conduct for various classes of society and stages of life, supremacy of devotion, different paths to enlightenment, mind as a root cause of all miseries and many other similar topics.

YSA 08.29.23 Uddhava Gita T11 - T20  with Hersh Khetarpal in English

YSA 08.29.23 Uddhava Gita T11 - T20 with Hersh Khetarpal in English

Text 11- T20 (11) On them [Your feet] they are meditating, oh Lord, who, having folded their hands, pour the ghee they took into the fire of sacrifice in the [nirukta] process of understanding the three Vedas. On them the yoga practitioners are meditating who, inquisitive about Your [yoga-]māyā mystic potency, are united in the realization of the True Self. [But] they are fully attained [only] by the most elevated devotees [see uttama and 11.2: 45-47]. (12) With the withered flower garland that we offer You, Your Lordship's consort Śrī [dwelling there], oh Almighty One, feels challenged like a jealous co-wife, for You accept this offering as being properly performed [see also B.G. 9: 26]. May there always be Your lotus feet, the fire that consumes our impure desires! (13) Your feet that like flags decorating flagpoles with three mighty steps [defeat the possessiveness and bring down the water of the Ganges] in each of the three worlds [see 8.20], create fear among the armies of the demons and fearlessness among the troops of the God-fearing souls. For the virtuous souls they are there for the attainment of heaven and for the mischievous ones they are there for exactly the opposite, oh Most Powerful One. May these feet, oh Supreme Lord, free us, Your worshipers, from our sins. (14) Brahmā and all the other embodied beings have their existence like oxen bound by a rope through their nose. Being controlled by Time they trouble each other. May the lotus feet of You, the Supreme Personality transcendental to both material nature and the individual person, bring us transcendental happiness [compare 1.13: 42, 6.3: 12]. (15) You are the cause of the cre10 Uddhava Gītā ation, maintenance and annihilation of this [universe]. You are the cause of the unseen, of the individual soul and of the complete whole of the manifest reality. They say that You, this very same personality, are the time factor controlling all, who appears as a wheel divided in three [summer, winter and spring/autumn]. One says that You are the Supreme Personality who, in the form of Time, uninterrupted in Your flow effects the decay of everything . (16) The living being [beginning with Mahā-Viṣṇu] acquires its power [potency] from that [time aspect] of Yours. You establish the vastness of matter with it [mahat-tattva]. United with that same nature You therefrom generate - the way an ordinary fetus is produced - the golden primeval egg of the universe endowed with its [seven] outer layers [see kośa]. (17) You are therewith the original Controller of everything that moves and keeps its place. You after all, are in Your activities, oh Master of the Senses, never affected Yourself by the change of the objects of the senses that presents itself because of the operating modes of nature. Others by contrast, engaged of their own accord [in austerities], having turned away live in fear [see also B.G. 16: 23-24]. (18) Your sixteen thousand wives were enchanting every time they launched the arrows of Cupid by showing their feelings with their eyebrows, smiles and glances. But they were not able to perturb Your senses by all the methods of their messages and advances of conjugal love [see also 1.11: 36]. (19) The rivers of nectar of Your stories and the rivers resulting from the bathing of Your feet, can put an end to all the impurities of the three worlds. Those who strive for purification and seek association, approach [You therefore] in two places: by making their ears listen to the stories the tradition offers [in the temples] and by bringing their bodies [in the rivers] in contact with the water that flows from Your feet. (20) The honorable son of Vyāsa [Śuka] said: 'After he who commands hundreds [of sages, Brahmā] together with Śiva and the demigods thus had praised Govinda, the Supreme Lord, he addressed Him offering his obeisances from his position in the sky. To join these live classes followed by Q & A with Hersh Khetarpal send a request at the email below for the zoom link, Attention to Manny Sharma.
YSA 08.22.23 Uddhava Gita T6 - T10  with Hersh Khetarpal in English

YSA 08.22.23 Uddhava Gita T6 - T10 with Hersh Khetarpal in English

Text 6 - T10 (6) After having covered the best of the Yadus with flower garlands brought from the gardens of heaven, they praised Him, the Lord of the Living Being, and expressed themselves in all kinds of amazing ideas and words. (7) The gods said: 'We with all our intelligence, senses, vital air, mind and words, bow down at Your lotus feet, oh Lord, the feet upon which they meditate in their heart who are connected in the love of striving for liberation from the powerful grip of karmic consequences. (8) You, by [engaging] the material energy consisting of the three basic qualities, create, protect and destroy the inconceivable cosmic manifestation within Yourself while being situated within those modes. [Nevertheless] You are by them not entangled in karmic activities at all, oh Unconquerable One, because You, the irreproachable Lord, are always absorbed in Your unrestricted happiness [see also B.G. 3: 22]. (9) Oh Worshipable One, the purification of those persons who have a contaminated consciousness is not as much brought about by incantations, respecting injunctions, study of the scriptures, charity, penances and rituals, oh Greatest of All, as it is caused by listening to those souls who are situated in pure goodness and have a fully matured and transcendental faith in Your glories [see also 4.29: 36-38]. (10) May there for us be Your lotus feet, the fire that annihilates our inauspicious mentality and that by sages desiring the real benefit is carried in their appeased hearts, the fire of Your four forms [of soul, ego, mind and intelligence, the caturvyūha] that three times a day is worshiped by the self-controlled devotees so as to reach beyond the [material] heavens and acquire an opulence [bhaga] like Yours. To join these live classes followed by Q & A with Hersh Khetarpal send a request at the email below for the zoom link, Attention to Manny Sharma.
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