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Vivekachudamani consists of 580 verses in Sanskrit. It has the form of dialogue between the master and the disciple,where the master explains to the disciple the nature of the Atmanand the ways to research and know the Atman. The book takes the disciple on a step by step instructions to reach Brahman.

The text begins with Adi Shankara's salutations to Govinda, which can be interpreted either as referring to God or to his guru Sri Govinda Bhagavatpada.It then expounds the significance of Self Realisation, ways to reach it, and the characteristics of a Guru. It criticizes attachment to the body and goes to explain the various SareerasKosasGunasSensesand Pranas. It teaches the disciple the ways to attain Self realisation, methods of meditation (dhyana) and introspection of the Atman. The Vivekachudamani describes the characteristics of an enlightened man (Jivanmukta) and a man of steady wisdom (Sthitaprajna) on the lines of Bhagavad Gita.

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